Prompt and thorough service!
The process was quick and easy. Communication was excellent and the report was ready in less than 12hours.
We are very happy with John's work and the amount of detail and attention he has included in the report....
Having used safeguard home inspections we feel informed and confident with the current state of the house with an action plan in place. Many thanks.

- Michael and Magda, Melton


5 Stars!  Highly recommend! John was so particular with the highest attention to detail. Amazing service and quality. Brilliant!!

- N Miller, Truganina


“Fastest turnaround time I’ve seen yet and John was very thorough. Very affordable and quality of the work is first grade”

- APC, Oakleigh


"We engaged John to complete two individual property inspections as Lisa and I were looking to purchase our first piece of real estate.

The first inspection occurred pre-auction where we provided limited notice (the day earlier) that we would be bidding on a house. John was extremely flexible and met with us pre-auction to provide a “buyer beware” crash course. The first thing he observed was that the house at auction was originally part of next door’s house and the proprietor had effectively split the one house into two titles. John immediately picked that the property’s roof was ‘open’ as it adjoined with next door, causing us some concern. Given his extensive building knowledge he provided some honest feedback on the costs to completely separate the roof by putting in a structural wall which allowed us to factor it into our maximum bid given we were on a budget for property cost and any capital work. In addition to this John had some concerns about the plumbing of the house by simply flushing the toilet to hear significant noises and feel some floor movement from the pipeworks. It is amazing how sometimes the most obvious things don’t jump out to the untrained eye. As it goes, we were unsuccessful at this auction and made the decision to engage John a lot sooner in the process next time.

Lisa and I then turned our focus to private sales. When we finally found our prized first home were we were keen to put in an offer subject to building and pest inspection. The vendor allowed us to complete a building inspection so in came John. We were amazed at all the little things he was able to pick up in the process:

1. The garage adjoined with the back doors living room wall and there was not a certified fire wall in place

2. There was no capping on the rendered fencing

3. The main bathroom had not been fully waterproofed

4. The kitchen floor was not level

5. The house had been extended

6. Under the newly rendered facade was a poly-foam product (I thought it was bricked!)

The list goes on….

The process proved to be financially rewarding with us making an offer on the condition that the fire wall be installed and we reduced our price to factor in the other works. John was able to provide an estimated quote on the additional work which we used to negotiate with the agent. Our reduced offer was subsequently accepted!

I found John’s professionalism and eye for detail to be truly amazing. His inspection was very thorough. He documented his findings clearly and what I found extremely useful was his commitment to explain each of his findings so Lisa and I were aware of the possible risks with the property. He saved us thousands and I will be using his services when we look for our next property venture! Highly recommend."

- JASON & LISA, Huntingdale