Pre Engagement Agreements

You have requested us to conduct a Pre-Purchase Inspection.

In order to provide you with our service, The relevant Australian Standards require us to obtain a Signed Pre Inspection Agreement. This agreement defines the scope and limitations of the Inspection.

The details of each agreement are shown below but in order to proceed with your inspection, we will email you a copy of the inspection that you will be required to 'agree' to prior to the inspection taking place.  This process ensures you are fully informed and understand the process about to take place.

Once we receive confirmation of the signed agreement, we will commence the process of inspection and on completion forward the report to you and any other parties you designate.

Thank you for Choosing Safeguard Home Inspections

  1. Click here to view our Pre-Engagement Building Agreement
  2. Click here to view our Pre-Engagement Building and Timber Pest Agreement
  3. Click here to view our Pre-Engagement Timber Pest Agreement