Why do I need an inspection?
Many people ask the question, ‘why do I need to get a building or timber pest inspection?’ There’s a number of reasons:

  1. Uncover any defects: By law, the vendor needs to disclose any defects that they are aware of, but in many cases, defects can be unnoticed, particularly if the seller or buyer doesn’t know what to look for. For example, things like mould, dampness, structural integrity or internal timber termite damage is not always noticeable to the naked eye.
  2. Save money: A building and timber pest inspection may be your negotiation tool when purchasing a property.
  3. So you know in advance, the exact condition of the property. Imagine purchasing a home, moving in and then noticing there’s either something not working or a building defect!
  4. A real estate agent is more often than not, just interested in a sale. We are independent, qualified and fully insured inspectors that will work for you!

What areas of Melbourne do you travel to?
Safeguard Home Inspections services all areas of Metropolitan Melbourne and Geelong! If you live outside of these areas, give us a call as we still might be able to help you out!

Can I be present at the inspection?
Yes, of course you can! Our inspectors do require complete access to your property so you’re welcome to stay if you like. We just ask that our inspectors aren’t distracted whilst conducting the inspection.

Do you have insurance?
Absolutely! We are covered by a $2 million professional indemnity insurance policy.

What areas of the home do you inspect in a building inspection?
We will inspect the building and site including fencing that is up to 30 metres from the building and within the boundaries of the site. Where present and accessible, the inspection shall include:

  1. Roof and gutters
  2. Hot water system
  3. Exterior of the home
  4. Garage/Carport
  5. Stairs
  6. Any pergola/balconies/decks
  7. Interior of the home (inc. all bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and other rooms)
  8. Roof Void
  9. Subfloor

Our reports are thorough, usually between 60-70 pages and includes on average, 30-50 photos.

What are your payment terms?
Payment for your inspection is due before the inspection takes place. You can make payment via Visa or Mastercard, Direct Deposit or Cash.

Are your reports compliant with Australian Standards?
All our reports, are compliant with current Australian Standards AS4349.1-2007 and AS4349.3-2010

How long will an inspection take to complete?
This will vary dependent on the type of inspection and size of the home. An average 3-4 bedroom single story home would take approximately 2-3 hours to inspect (Building & Timber Pest Inspection). We are thorough and will take longer to properly identify all issues. There are no additional costs should we take longer than expected.


Your prices say ‘from’.  What additional charges are there? 

In most cases, the price listed will be the price set for your inspection but on occasion there may be additional charges.  If your home is on a sub floor (that's accessible) there's a small additional cost or if you're after a Timber Pest Inspection and have more than 3 trees greater than 100mm in diameter, there may be an additional cost. 


At the end of the inspection, do I get a compliance certificate?

Our reports, (prepared in accordance with Australian Standard AS4349.1-2007 and AS4349.3-2010) are not a certificate of compliance.  No Building or Timber Pest Inspector is allowed to offer this under law.  What we will offer you is a thorough, comprehensive and indicative report that outlines the condition of the home, as per the areas inspected.  Still a great tool to give a prospective buyer/seller an insight into the condition of the home.